Tuesday, March 07, 2006

5-4-3-5-3-1 EXXXPLOSIOIN!

future plans for a perfect future

legally change my last name to succulent
marry into royalty and become a count
become count succulent
run for president
president succulent
get my mess of a mind in one straight line...cohesion? yup
live the serge gainsbourg lifestyle
find a place to hide from everything that disgusts me
find a slaughterhouse and camp outside of it overnight and record the sounds and get scared.
fuck a burrito
hang out in a truckstop restroom all night and record the truckers talking to themselves while leaving a shit.
use insta-tan on my back to spell out HAIL SATAN and go swimming or just run naked through grocery stores.
figure out what europe is all about...it's practically an alien planet to me...i'm dying to check it out.
eat pussy wearing a mexican wrestling mask